Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi all! Just wanted to pop in to let you know I have a new website up and running!

Click here to check it out!

I will be keeping up with this blog as well but all current information regarding pricing, faq, and specials will all be on the new website!

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

the one with Jillian

I had a session with Eli's big sister Jillian today! She is a little ball of energy (at one point, she was actually running circles around her mom!) but she is soo much fun! And it definitely helps that she's stunning! Little blonde curls and big beautiful eyes? Check! There was so many great pictures, I couldn't enjoy your (very large!) sneak peek!

the one with Joey & Olivia

Well, after three weeks of glorious sunshine, I knew the day was going to come with gloomy weather and rain! Even though it was a little gloomy, I had a blast shooting Olivia and Joey! We beat out the rain and got some really cute images of the two of them! Enjoy!

the one with Ericca & Taylor

Today I met up with Ericca and Taylor to do their engagement session. They are getting married almost exactly a year from the day we did their session! They are also Eli's aunt and uncle! I had so much fun with them this morning and I got some great images that captured their love! Enjoy your sneak peek!

the one with Sarah and Bobby (& Nemo!)

I met up with Sarah and Bobby and their adorable dog Nemo recently! I was so happy with the beach pictures we got...I think I definitely found a new fantastic location! Check them out!

the one with Addyson

Addyson was so much fun today! We did two sessions--one regular session followed up by her 1 year cake smash!! It was SUCH a blast!! She dug right into her little cake and made the most of her sugar time! How cute is she?!

the one with Eli

I had such a blast with Eli again today! Have I mentioned how much I love photographing him?! He is always full of smiles!! Is it just me or does he seem so much older than his 10-month shoot?!

the one with Seth & Briana

More Seth & Briana pictures! Scott had asked me if they would be willing to go out and pose for an afternoon--of course, I knew Briana would willingly oblige. And I knew Seth would probably grunt and complain--but secretly love it. I was right on both accounts! We both got some great images and I can't believe how old my little brother and sister look!!

the one with Kenzie

Meet little miss Kenzie! She was so not feeling well the day of her shoot--darn teeth! But, other than a few tears, she was pretty happy! I am so pleased with how her photos turned out! Check out her gorgeous blue eyes :)